OpenSSL in X6.0

There seems to be a bug eith the openSSL running on VCS X6.0. It has some problems with .pfxes created by the MS Certificates snapin. Should be fixed before X6.3.

In the mean time, we’ll have to use openSSL elsewhere to create certs for the VCSes and Codian MCUs.

URI dialing domain check

I made a quick and dirty php script to check if your domain is correctly configured in DNS to support standards based URI dialling. Just input your URI domain and your target gateway, and the script will check if the SRV records are correctly configured and that the A record for the gateway exists.

I’ll add more functionality and nicer looks as time goes by 😛 feature requests in comments.

Cisco VC Dialer

Getting my new iPad this weekend, I got to try the Cisco (Tandberg) VC Dialer from Sping BV on some of my endpoints. It seems to be working perfectly! It is basically an app that can dial any number from any MXP, C, EX or E series endpoint. You can get it from the AppStore, search for VC Dialer (it is an iPhone app originally). The app is free for a limited number of downloads, after which it will be priced €4.99

The dialer screen
Last calls screen
Choose endpoint
Add endpoint screen

 You need to be able to reach the endpoints on http (s?), and you need the admin password of the endpoint to be able to control it.

You can only make calls and hang up with the app, it is not a full remote control of the endpoint, but I can still se uses for this.