List static routing config

After adding a static route to Lync (for example when adding a CTP integration) you can use the following command to show the route:
Identity :
Route    : {;MatchOnlyPhoneUri=False;Enabled=True;ReplaceHostInRequestUri=False}

This will list the static route, but it won’t show all the route details (specifically the route target which is semi often used in troubleshooting) as they are contained inside a Route object in the StaticRoutingConfiguration object. To list the details of the route, do:

This will give you the content of the route.

Transport               : TransportChoice=Certificate=Microsoft.Rtc.Management.WritableConfig.Settings.SipProxy.UseDefaultCert;;Port=5061
MatchUri                :
MatchOnlyPhoneUri       : False
Enabled                 : True
ReplaceHostInRequestUri : False

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