Import sites and subnets to Skype4B from AD sites and services

Wether it is to use for Call Admission Control or just to get pretty results on the location report on the monitoring server, I usually like to populate network regions, sites and subnets in the Skype for Business topology in every deployment I do.

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Pretty, pretty data 🙂

In many, if not most, environments I deploy in, the admins have taken their time to set up AD sites and services with the correct site names, so there’s no point in doing that job twice. I’ve made this script which takes the contents of the Sites container and imports it into the Skype for Business topology.

I’ve come across a couple of ways to convert AD sites to Skype for Business network topology, either adding all sites to one region, or converting the sites to regions themselves and adding offices manually. I also want to expand the script so that you can choose which region and site a given subnet belongs to for each subnet in sites and services.


Run the .ps1 and then

Import-ADSitesAndSubnets -Regionid Someregion


 Import-ADSitesAndSubnets -UseSiteAsRegion 

And the script:


4 thoughts on “Import sites and subnets to Skype4B from AD sites and services

    1. Hi

      The script itself only loads the modules into the current PS session. to actually make it do work, you have to run

      Import-ADSitesAndSubnets -Regionid Someregion


      Import-ADSitesAndSubnets -UseSiteAsRegion

      after running the .ps1. If you want that to happen when you run the .ps1, you can add one of those lines to the bottom of the script for instance.


  1. Thats what im trying to do and always get the error “The term ‘import-ADSitesAndSubnets’ is not recognized as the Name of a cmdlet,function,cript file, or …

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