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Well, the time has come to learn to code Windows apps.

I coded a lot when I went to college, but since then it has only been the occasional PowerShell scripting. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to just sit down and write code, and thats what I’ve been doing this summer - it has more or less replaced the little time I had left for gaming, which usually is my go-to timesink when I need to disconnect from the world around me.

My ‘Hello World’ project ended up being this little range calculator for Electric cars. I’ve recently bought a Renault Zoe, and this seemed like a nice little tool to have, especially considering that the guess-o-meter remaining range display in the car is a bit unpredictable.

The idea originally came from this forum oldpost at forums, but I’ve also added support for a couple of other cars with battery capacity data sourced from wikipedia. I’ve also put in the Zoe Range rule Trevors android app uses if you select the Zoe as the car.

In the near future I’m probably going to add a Windows 8 store app as well, as it is written as a universal app, and I’m thinking of also adding maps With the range drawn on the map. I might also at some point use the NOBIL API to pull at least Norwegian charging stations and display them on the map. Shouldn’t be too hard to get directions either once you get that far - but now I’m dreaming a bit :)

So without further ado, here’s my first Windows Phone app: