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v0.1 oldpost is here

I’ve finally gotten time to complete coding of the 0.2 release of the PSAcano powershell module.

The module now contains all GET, oldpost, PUT and DELETE commands from the Acano API documentation, and everything that is possible to do with the API should now be possible to script in powershell.

Error handling is still not in the module, this is planned for the 0.3 release, I’ll be adding that the next couple of weeks.

You can download the latest release here, or you can clone the project with Git from here.

There are two branches that get updated frequently, master and dev. The master branch will be considered stable, and will have features added between releases. The dev branch is considered unstable and this is where active developement happens.

Here’s an example on how to add a call (call leg) to a coSpace using the module:

Then you can just run ´´´powershell Add-Participant -CoSpace df2d3e44-91ff-48f4-aeca-ffd951641ebe -SipUri ´´´ to add a participant.