VCS suffers from a Linux kernel bug

Just got a mail from Cisco regarding a bug in the Linux kernel making some processes on the VCS go haywire and create a heavy CPU load on the box.

The fix is currently to boot the VCS.

The supposed bug is discussed here:
UPDATE: Cisco supportforum post

#Lync mobility failing after #CU5

If mobility is failing after applying CU5 and your symptoms are a 500 internal server error when browsing, try the steps in this blogpost. Seems to be an issue with the web.config file in the mcx folders in IIS after the update. I’ve had this happen with both int and ext web.config.

#Lync mobile hanging on “getting contacts”

I have just been troubleshooting a weird issue where a user complained about Lync mobile taking a long time signing in, and then  not showing the buddy list until several days after sign in. Push would also not work until after the contact list was downloaded.

After reading a lot of logs and traces and not finding anything we tried finding things that were different from this user and everyone else. It turned out he had added some Cisco video conferencing endpoints to his contact list. In a desperate attempt we tried deleting these from his buddy list, and the problem disappeared.

Seems that the mobile client has some issues getting presence from integrated SIP domains or something like that. I tried replicating the problem with my user, and managed to do so:

I added the Cisco E20 on my desk to my buddy list:

And tried logging in on my iPad:

The client is in norwegian, but it says “No contacts”, and I guess “getting contacts” on the bottom.

This is what I see until I either delete the contact from my buddy list or wait for up to several days. In this state I can recieve IMs if I am in the client, but push does not work.

On my windows phone, the contact list is just empty, there are no messages of any kind and it has the same behavior, can recieve IMs, but no push.

I have not tried on an android yet.

I’ve tried reading through logs as well, but I can’t figure out what is causing this, so the fix for now seems to be to delete those types of contacts

Presence issues with the calendar integration in CU2?

I just had a case where the users experienced that presence in the Lync client did not update based on the calendar information unless they restarted the client completely. Relogging did not help.

The weird thing was that on the users contact card they would be listed as busy, but their presence was still available.

After quite a bit of troubleshooting and some help from colleagues, I ended up removing CU2 (the April 2011 update, gives version .275 to the client). This removed the problem completely. So, if you are having presence issues with Lync, try removing CU2 for now.

This might be a bug?

OCS 2007 R2 Bug

Seems there is a bug in OCS 2007 R2 that makes the edge server behave strangely. You will fail validation, and you might also get a “Limited External calling” message in the OC client.

The solution is posted here: