VCS suffers from a Linux kernel bug

Just got a mail from Cisco regarding a bug in the Linux kernel making some processes on the VCS go haywire and create a heavy CPU load on the box.

The fix is currently to boot the VCS.

The supposed bug is discussed here:
UPDATE: Cisco supportforum post

Service records and ports, VCS Express

Here are the service records needed to use the Tandberg VCS:      srv     1 0 1719      srv     1 0 1720              srv     0 0 5060               srv     0 0 5060                 srv     0 0 5061               srv     0 0 5061             srv     0 0 5061

There should also be an a-record pointing to the vcs express. (in this example,

Also, should anyone ever need it, here are the ports that an endpoint needs opened outbound if it is registering directly to a VCS express:

TCP/2776 (Q931/H245 for external traversal endpoints)
UDP/2776 (RTP Media from external traversal endpoints)
UDP/2777 (RTCP Media control traffic from external traversal endpoints)
UDP/1719 (H323 RAS signaling from gatekeepers/VCSes and traversal endpoints)
TCP/1720 (Q931/H.225 call connect signaling)

UDP/5060 (SIP signaling)
TCP/5060 (SIP signaling)
TLS/5061 (Encrypted SIP signaling)