Managing Acano Server in Powershell

v0.2 has been released! Post here

I love it when stuff is possible to manage through PowerShell.

I’ve been working quite a bit with Acano lately and because of that I have started looking in to the management API that they provide on their Server. This API is exposed as XML through HTTPS, so I thought that it should be quite possible to write some PowerShell functions that accessed parts of the API. These have evolved in to what I now release as version 0.1 of the PsAcano PowerShell implementation of the Acano API.

Currently only the GET commands are implemented, so it is only possible to view information at the moment – not edit or create anything. The functionality provided by the POST, PUT and DELETE commands will  be implemented in the coming days and weeks.

Last weekend Knowledge Factory had our kick off in beautiful Vaxholm outside of Stockholm. There we were treated to an extremely inspiring session by Simon Wåhlin ( about PowerShell and GIT. A big thank you to Simon for finally kicking me into doing source control on my scripts 😀

I’ve set up an account on Github, and from now on my scripts will be available there, and this of course also applies to PsAcano.

If you don’t want to visit the repository page on github, you can download the module here. Installation instructions can be found in the file. Feedback is welcome as issues on github or comments on this blogpost.

Lync, Skype and Cisco Telepresence clients in the same video conference!

Late afternoon last Friday (In europe at least :)), Microsoft released video calling between Lync and Skype. This has been something that a lot of us has been waiting for for quite some time! You can read more about this release here.

To be able to video call a Lync contact from Skype, and vice versa, the following needs to be set up:

  • The Lync environment needs to be federated wilyncoptionsth Skype – see the Provisioning Guide
  • The Lync user needs to use the Lync 2013 client.
  • The Lync user has to be enabled for Public Access, and will have to set “Contacts not using Lync” to “Allow invites but block all other communications” or “Allow anyone to contact me” under “Alerts” in the Lync options menu.
  • If set to “Allow invites but block all other communications” both the Lync user and the Skype user must add each other to their contact lists
  • Currently it will only work from Skype on a Windows desktop running at least version 7.0.x.100. More Skype clients will be supported in the coming months.

This also brings cool opportunities when using Lync together with for instance Acano or Pexip MCU software. This screenshot is from a video conference using the Acano brigde, and here is a Skype Client, a Lync Client and a Lync mobile Client brought together with a Cisco Telepresence room! Pretty awesome! The screenshot is taken from the Skype Client.lyncskypeciscotp


Cisco VC Dialer

Getting my new iPad this weekend, I got to try the Cisco (Tandberg) VC Dialer from Sping BV on some of my endpoints. It seems to be working perfectly! It is basically an app that can dial any number from any MXP, C, EX or E series endpoint. You can get it from the AppStore, search for VC Dialer (it is an iPhone app originally). The app is free for a limited number of downloads, after which it will be priced €4.99

The dialer screen
Last calls screen
Choose endpoint
Add endpoint screen

 You need to be able to reach the endpoints on http (s?), and you need the admin password of the endpoint to be able to control it.

You can only make calls and hang up with the app, it is not a full remote control of the endpoint, but I can still se uses for this.